SKU at Home

Be well. Feel well.

We are home, and a change is underway.

While we quickly adjust and adapt to physical distancing and digital socializing, this prolonged pause gives the planet and its people a chance to recalibrate. Yet, we realized that some things will never change: the desire to live well.

When we renewed our focus to look inward and prioritize the necessary, we embrace what has been given to us through all this. And that is a glimpse into a simpler life. As we spend more time in our personal space, what we put next to our skin is important, and our clothes should align with the decisions we make about well-being.

SKU has always been about simplicity. Through many years, our team strives to provide a timeless wardrobe using the softest material, comfortable fits, while promoting a sustainable and fair work practice. Like a chef picking out the freshest produce of the season and bringing a healthy plate from farms to your table, SKU focuses on the best raw material in America, tracing the fiber back to the farmers who cultivate it, and bringing you a minimalist style that feels good on the body.

In a time of uncertainty and heightened anxiety, we try to do our small part. We will keep doing what we do well, that is to bring you the wardrobe that is locally sourced, thoughtfully designed, and well made.

Be well.

S/S Supima Fleece Beach Sweatshirt / Poplin Haven Pant

Beach Anorak / Heather Fleece Sweatshort

"Simplicity is the essence of happiness." - Ceric Bledsoe

Supima Crew Tee

Cozy Beach Short / L/S Supima Jersey Henley

S/S Vintage Stripe Crew Tee

Poplin Standard Shirt / Heather Fleece Sweatpant

Poplin Standard Shirt